Pro-Ject Speed Box DS Elektroninen nopeudensäädin

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Pro-Ject Speed Box DS

Elektroninen moottorinohjaus ja kierrosnopeudensäädin levysoittimelle


Päivitä parhaimpaan mahdolliseen levysoitinelämykseen tällä kätevällä kierrosnopeudensäätäjällä, napin painalluksella!

Erittäin kätevä laite joka soveltuu moniin Pro-Ject levysoittimiin, joissa ei ole sähköistä kierrosnopeuden säätöä. Speed Box DS tekee tämän kierronopeuden vaihdon napinpainalluksella 33 ja 45 kierroksen välillä!


Upgrade to best possible turntable performance with convenient speed changeover through keypress!  


A very useful accessory for many Pro-Ject turntables, that do not offer a built-in electronic speed change. The Speed Box DS performs this change by the push of a button between 33 and 45 rpm! The quartz regulation and filter circuit gives a far better speed stability for smooth and undisturbed motor operation. Speed Box DS is compatible with a lot of Pro-Ject turntables (see list on homepage) and some also offer the possibility to play 78 rpm records with the addition of a special accessory pulley!  


• Quartz-generated high precision electronic speed regulation with microprocessor control  

• Sound improvement through motor running smoothness  

• Clean power decoupled from mains interference  

• Allows electronic speed change 33 & 45 rpm  

• 78 rpm possible with optional accessory pulley  

• Suitable for all turntables with 16 volt or 230 volt AC motor, up to 3 watts max. power consumption  

• Metal case shields electronics from vibration and electromagnetic interference  

• Small size allows installation close to record player  

• DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power)  

• Available in silver or black finish  

echnical data
Pro-Ject Speed Box DS
OUTPUT     230V AC 13mA & 16 V AC 190mA
      (up to 3W max) 40cm cable supplied
SPEED STABILITY      /- 0,001%
FINISH     Front black or silver
POWER SUPPLY     18V/1000mA DC (100-240 volts primary)
DIMENSIONS     103 x 72 x 104 mm (WxHxD)
WEIGHT     1360 g without power supply


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