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Camille St. Saens - Carnival Of The Animals

Camille St. Saens - Carnival Of The Animals


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Vinyyli LP; Camille St. Saens – Carnival Of The Animals


• 180gr Virgin Vinyyli

• Suoraan analogiselta masternauhalta

• Rajoitettu painos

• Alkuperäinen kansitaide

• Valmistettu Yhdysvalloissa


1.  Introduction et marche royale du Lion
2. Poules et coqs
3. Hémiones
4. Tortues
5. L'Éléphant
6. Kangourous
7. Aquarium
8. Personnages à longues oreilles
9. Le coucou au fond des bois
10. Volière
11. Fossiles
12. Le Cygne
13. Final


Like Tchaikovsky and his Nutcracker ballet, “Carnival of the Animals” was one of St. Saens most popular works. Though it was  

never played publicly in its entirety during his life, it has held up remarkably well since his passing. This beautiful recording is given  

the royal treatment: All-tube mastering by Doug Sax, quiet 180-gram vinyl surfaces and deluxe packaging.