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Supertramp - Crime Of The Century

Supertramp - Crime Of The Century


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Vinyyli LP; Supertramp – Crime Of The Century

• 180gr Virgin Vinyyli

• 40V Juhlapainos

• Nauhoituspaikka Trident, Ramport Studios ja Scorpio Sound, London helmi -ja kesäkuun välissä 1974 

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• Valmistettu EU:ssa


“Crime of the Century” was the third studio album by the British band with the two frontmen Rodger Hodgson and Rick Davies! It was released in September 1974 and gave the band a major breakthrough, which recorded for the first time in the classic Supertramp occupation, Rick Davies (keyboards, harmonica, vocals) and Roger Hodgson (guitars, piano, electric piano, vocals). They were joined by John Helliwell (saxophone, clarinet, flute, background vocals), Bob Siebenberg (drums, percussion) and Dougie Thomson (bass guitar). All songs on the album were written by the duo Hodgson/Davies and brought forth classics such as “School”, “Dreamer”, “Rudy” or “Bloody Well Right”!  


1. School (Remastered 2010)  

2. Bloody Well Right (Remastered 2010)  

3. Hide In Your Shell (Remastered 2010)  

4. Asylum (Remastered 2010)  

5. Dreamer (Remastered 2010)  

6. Rudy (Remastered 2010)  

7. If Everyone Was Listening (Remastered 2010)  

8. Crime Of The Century (Remastered 2010)  




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