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Leonard Bernstein: Shostavich & Ravel

Leonard Bernstein: Shostavich & Ravel


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Vinyyli LP; Leonard Bernstein: Shostavich & Ravel

• 180gr Virgin Vinyyli

• Suoraan analogiselta master nauhalta

• Rajoitettu painos

• Alkuperäinen kansitaide

• Valmistettu Yhdysvalloissa


Dmitri Shostakovitch – Klavierkonzert Nr. 2, Op. 102  

New York Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Bernstein – Piano  

1. Allegro  

2. Andante  

3. Allegro  


Maurice Ravel – Klavierkonzert in G-Dur  

Columbia Symphony Orchestra), Leonard Bernstein – Piano  

1. Allegremente  

2. Andante assai  

3. Presto  

Aufnahmen 1959.  


Having already gained fame as a passionate performer and conductor, Leonard Bernstein set his sights on two of the most  

daunting piano pieces in the modern canon:  

Shostakovich’s towering 2nd concerto (op. 101) and Ravel’s lesser known (but no less demanding) concerto in G. He tears into  

these meaty, complex works like a man possessed, the NYPO and Columbia Symphony Orchestra bringing sonic support that  

is at turns combustive and sublime. This early Columbia stereo recording can disarm and stun with its clarity, tonal color and  

dynamic forcefulness.  

Kevin Gray’s all-analog mastering, cut from a first generation 3-track-to-2-track analog transfer, brings out full pounding bass,  

sharply stinging brass and exquisite washes of strings. He creates an absolute marvel of analog audio playback that will surprise  

even the most jaded of LP enthusiasts. 


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