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Jacintha - Autumn Leaves

Jacintha - Autumn Leaves


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Vinyyli LP; Jacintha – Autumn Leaves

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• 180gr Virgin Vinyyli

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For her sixth album, Jacintha as the best-known jazz vocalist from Singapore pays homage to songwriter Johnny Mercer. Her warm, clear, delicate approach to storytelling enables the vocalist to deliver each favorite song in a comfortable manner with intimacy and charm. A small ensemble culled from L.A.’s finest jazz accompanists backs her.Jacintha is at her best when incorporating her impeccable enunciation on “I Remember You” and when dipping into her rich lower vocal register for a loping arrangement of “Trav’lin’ Light.”. Jacintha’s warm, fragile, sophisticated delivery makes for an honorable tribute and a recommended listening experience.  


1. And The Angels Sing
2. Skylark
3. One For My Baby
4. Midnight Sun
5. Autumn Leaves
6. Days Of Wine And Roses
7. I Remember You
8. Trav'lin' Light
9. Something's Gonna Give
10. Moon River
11. Here's To Life


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