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Donovan - Storyteller

Donovan - Storyteller


Saatavuus : Kysy lisää

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Vinyyli LP; Donovan – Storyteller

• 180gr Virgin Vinyyli

• Suoraan analogiselta master nauhalta

• Rajoitettu painos

• Alkuperäinen kansitaide

• Valmistettu Yhdysvalloissa

Side One:   Catch the wind
Colours (hit version)
Universal Soldier
Sunny Goodge Street

Side Two: Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)
You´re Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond
To Try For The Sun
To Sing For You
Jersey Thursday
Colours (album version)

Side Three: Sunshine Super Man
Mellow Yellow

Side Four: Hurdy Gurdy Man



Donovan first emerged as part of the ruling class of 1950´s singer-songwriters. Donovan´s music evolved from its folk roots into  

something truly unique and has endured the test of time. It encompasses a full blend of social commentary and cosmic sound. This  

collection showcases the talents of the artist and his art. Combining Donovan´s Pye/Hickory recordings and his Epic label releases,  

this musical collection is a journey into the world of a musical poet, the world of a storyteller, the world of Donovan. 


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